The Doomed Towers

Today, I passed along the eerie pit, looking down through the metal net as the men worked diligently toward a new beginning. I stared at the solid wall which stood stoically at their side protecting them from the river that indifferently ran behind the wall. Silently, I stood alone with the memories of events I never saw; but even though I heard the cries, the moaning and the sound of bodies crashing against their deadly spots. I saw the smoke rising toward the skies, while the flames licked the granite walls and metal frames. I became aware that although I had not been there, I was now, resurrecting the doomed event with the lingering left energy of those gone. I escape towards the end of the aisle searching for my own life, but it was only until that night that I found it embracing my children with an almost forgotten tenderness that made me smile.

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  1. hi jeff cumpston regis's son nice touch


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