A Day Not to be Forgotten

Rarely, I react like many other people when facing tragedy. I was concern on that fated day because I knew that he was not the same man I knew, but the other in which he merged, the one who made wonder about my motherhood. His mind was gone and his eyes look different when I stared at them. He was so dramatic in his behavior that I just sat there, observing him and the whole scene like a fiction movie. I did not even bat and eyelash when he forcibly injured himself with the knife, zigzagging it into his flesh, like those samurais did as the committed Harakiri although the position of his knife was not right (luckily enough.)
I was submerged into a void never experienced before, not reacting normally like a mother protecting her cub but instead applauding him for having the courage to perform such an act. I saw the pain in his face but still did not react, whereas, Sandy, the friend who was also there with us, screamed at him while I softly asked her to call the police, that arrived faster than flies over honey. The police misunderstood my son's mental state and contradicting his reality they shot him fearing for their safety when they saw the knife that he was still holding in his hand. The ambulance arrived and took him away from me, leaving me alone, ignoring if he was alive or dead. I was absolutely absorbed into nothingness; but then, after a while, I felt an overwhelming fear...

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