A Lot Had Happened

Yes, I had forgotten my Blog. It seemed I never have time to deal with it and besides, I am having the excuse that I was just a beginner and that too much was happening to me. I admire those people who produce miracles in their blogs... Why not me?
My life had changed drastically. I got married, became a widow, sold my apartment in NY, where my son and wife were living at that moment in my apartment in Queens, since I was mostly living in NJ at my future husband's home. I re-decorated my new home and worked hard in the desolated garden; i also bought great pieces of art, paintings and furniture. Later on I invited my son and wife to live with me since my glorious apartment was now gone. Then I dealt with my son's needs and his wife expectations from marriage. Finally I decided to visit my daughter at the other side of the Continent where she was expecting her first child and needed my help and company. She delivered a boy with natural birth at her own home surrounded by us who love her.
My grandson was named Elias Keahilani. Why Keahilani? He was conceived in Hawaii and the name means, the Spirit of Fire, since he was born an Aries... why not. After my return, I was forced to face, a more difficult situation, which fortunately, it did not damage my self esteem and strength. I will wait for the results and I know, deep in my heart, that there will be a good end for all of us and perhaps "happy".
At my return John and his Japanese wife, Yuka, separated after his suicidal attempt and severe depression. She left for good and eventually divorced him. He was forced to face some hard realities and was ordered by legal terms to be under medical care. It was during this separation between him and me that I offered my help to a young lady with a very sad and terrible past (she had been raped by her own father) to live with me since I was lonely and she needed a place to stay until getting an apartment of her own. We became close and she started to depend on me. I contacted her mother and family in Virginia and travelled over there for Thanksgiving with the intention to reunite them and be closer. I wanted her to reconciled with her mother, sister and grandparents since she was becoming a burden to m e. It was a terrible disaster. After few months living with me and being rejected by a couple of young men, Sandy (her name) overdosed on sleeping pills killing herself. She left a note. I will never forget the moment that I found her dead on the snowy morning. I even by strange circumstances played without thinking about anything morbid, the Requiem of Wolfgang Amadeus incredible coincidence.


  1. Congrats on the new boy! I'm new to blogger, and AOL Refugee.

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  3. Mark? I am too old to being stuk in any! but my son may be interested in your message. I will let him know when he returns from a long trip.


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