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The amazing thing was that I always wanted to go to Rome, Florence and Venice. Because of my two husbands (both deceased) I had travelled a great deal, specially with my second husband who played for the Philharmonic of New York for many years and I enjoyed their tours for few years all over the world. But somehow, even been in Italy never travelled to those three places. After becoming a widow and of course older, I thought that I would never visit these places because of the energy needed to do so (I walked a lot during my travelling to the point of almost injuring my feet for good.) So, one day and totally unexpected I met Moe. I could not believe that I met a met with the same appreciation of music as myself; therefore, we started to enjoy opera, concerts, ballet, etc. During our conversations he asked me one day: -What do you like to do before departing for this world? I answer: _'See both of my children happy and successful and have peace of m ind. _"but what about for yourself?" _"I would love to see Rome Florence and Venice, but I don't think I will ever be ready for it. He answered: _"Well, be ready. I am taking you to Italy and also enjoy a cruise in the best ship..."the silver whisper" ... and there we went... an incredible trip that forced me to walk with great success.

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The life of a unique and incredible woman whose fate was to be followed by drama, comedy and tragedy. She wandered under a lucky star, which protected her at all times, thus, overcoming the odds that forced her to swim against the high tides; but surprisingly, arriving onto safer and better shores by miracle or by her own strength. Character: Gentle as and orchid but solid as an oak tree. Distracted, but attentive to the best and worth things of life. Indifferent to the time that passes by, but always aware of the beauty around her. Understands and accepts pain, physical or mental, which she believes is absolutely needed in order to grow wiser and happier. She thinks that Happiness is within our reach and unhappiness is not letting go of things or people that don't belong to us any longer.

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