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During the ordeal of my son actions, many things happened to me. Being alone with myself during the dreadful times of my widowhood, I learned to enjoy my solitude. Eventually, I sold my apartment, decorated my new home, bought lovely art items, bronzes, paintings, etc., and dedicated most of my time gardening. What a delight. I also finished a novel named Abracadabra, stop the curse. and started another one, - Mas Alla del Eclipse, both written in Spanish, my native language. The first book is raw and probably too crude to be publish as it is. I will see what can I do. It is a real story of three families interlaced together but I indulged in my own fantasies. The second one is right now in a level of confusion. I must work on it.
My personal life flourished without intending it. Experienced a sexual and feminine freedom that satisfied me and gave some power unknown to me before. I was happier and had fun and in the mist of a lot of problems, I learned to laugh aloud about myself and concepts that at one point seemed serious to me. I am today happier than ever and I am not the same woman that I was twenty years ago. I am in another state of well being, which doesn't allow me to embark the roller coaster as before. I am stronger than my pains.


  1. at the end of the day it is our ability to be amused by ourselves and our lives that can give us joy in even the roughest times

  2. So right, so right... i have not been involved with my blog for a long time and i thank you for writing.

  3. The roughest times? The deadlest ones too. You will find your place, I assure you. Just be patient.


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I wrote two books that are being translated from Spanish into English but ready to be published in Spanish: "Abracadabra, Stop the Curse! (1999) and "Beyond the Eclipse" (2208) (Abracadabra! Que Pare la Maldicion! y "Mas Alla del Eclipse")

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