It seems like yesterday

A very long time had passed since my last visit to you my dear blog. A few chapters had been written in the book of life in the meantime. At the time I stopped writing, my son tried to commit suicide, but fortunately the attempt failed, although the experience cost him his freedom because he was charged with attempted murder. John was asked by the police who arrived after been called to drop the knife that he had in his hand. John has injured himself with it plunging it into his stomach but never reached it as it was blocked by one of his mucles. The police ignoring this thought that he was threatening them and shot him. John just wanted to be kill by them but only was wounded and then charged. A very long period of time after waiting in jail, he was found innocent by reason of insanity but committed to a mental institution as a Krol patient. I never heard about this Krol charge but learned a lot after almost three years that he has been under medical care.

My son is fine and the staff cares for him as well as his psychiatry and social worker finding him sane but unfortunately he has to go through the red tape and legal procedures. The rest of the patients (some of them serious criminals) have learn to treat him with respect as well as the staff.

Recently, my son has been given permission to go out little by little and now we are enjoying an 8 hours of freedom during any day of the weekend but obligated to go back to sleep over the institution. In time, he will be sleeping at home and eventually release.

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