John Sebastian

John was unique from the beginning. So different from his sister and so different from anybody else. Having a difficult father (deceased) and an impatient mother (me), he left home at an early age, most probably for his best. He went to Bard College where he study philosophy and graduated baccalaureate in arts. He loved literature and philosophy, surprising his professors with his intensity and intelligence. John went to Europe for a long time, living in places like Barcelona, Hungary, Russia but visited many cities in Europe. While learning several languages: Hungarian, Russian, and German. He also lived in Bali where he learned not only the language but the gamelan, a different and difficult instrument. During his travelling he was accompanied by his German friend Inge; a woman that today is his best friend but somehow still in love with him.
John fought with many demons during his youth but the pain of growing older made him the man he is today, dealing with life with the best of himself despite the hurdles. One of his biggest pain was having a daughter during his stay in college with a woman he did not love, creating from the beginning a difficult situation. His daughter, Erika grew away from him and did not know him but until she was nine years old. The situation with the mother, did not improve and much less with the child. Today, he is trying his best to be closer to his daughter despite the mother's controlling personality.
John got married with a Japanese girl, but the difference of cultures made her unhappy because John's intellectual knowledge and endeavors made her insecure since she was a free spirit, who pursued singing with not luck, disintegrated the marriage. After six years they divorced. John is now starting a new life and waiting for the best after a series of difficult events which produced a deadly depression. With medical care and somehow a better state of mind John has been able to turn a 180 degree turn around and now he is stepping in a different path of life hoping for the best.
John's biological father died at the age of 52 in 1992. My second husband Nathan, a violinist from the New York Philharmonic for 38 years, became like a father to John when John returned to the States after several years; they became good friends and closer to each as time went on until Nathan's death in 2005. The incredible coincidence is that both of my husbands died 13 years apart in the same date of February 27. But John has been and still is a lucky man. My new man in life, Morris Pollack has taken him under his wing and is trying to help John to get onto a more realistic path for success.
I loved both of my children very much but John is quite special to me. God bless him as he is the most tender and wonderful of human beings.

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