I met Moe about two years ago. Because we both loved classical music we became an item almost immediately as soon as we both realized that we were suffering a recent widowhood. Moe had been married for 51 years and I, for almost three, but lived on and off with my beloved one for about five before we got steady and got married. Moreover, I had been a widow once before for twenty five years to the father of my two incredible children, John and Pilar. Morris had raised three boys and one girl, but the oldest boy died after suffering from serious maladies as his mother was erroneously diagnosed of having an allergy instead of the measles. The other children are extremely successful living in Massachusetts. Moe decided after becoming a widower to continue living in New Jersey, in the home of his dreams and where he lived for 42 years, which he compares with the house of Frank Lloyd Wright in Pennsylvania.
We live in different towns that are distanced by each other by about 40 minutes, but see each other quite often; our relationship has grown wiser as well as our understanding of each other temperament while growing older together. Soon after meeting, he learned and met my son and understood his ordeal and state of mind (see reference below.) Slowly but surely he became close to my son and eventually embraced each other, comparatively like father and son.

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Abracadabra! Stop the Curse!

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The life of a unique and incredible woman whose fate was to be followed by drama, comedy and tragedy. She wandered under a lucky star, which protected her at all times, thus, overcoming the odds that forced her to swim against the high tides; but surprisingly, arriving onto safer and better shores by miracle or by her own strength. Character: Gentle as and orchid but solid as an oak tree. Distracted, but attentive to the best and worth things of life. Indifferent to the time that passes by, but always aware of the beauty around her. Understands and accepts pain, physical or mental, which she believes is absolutely needed in order to grow wiser and happier. She thinks that Happiness is within our reach and unhappiness is not letting go of things or people that don't belong to us any longer.

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