A trip to Italy

Because of my delay in writing, there are few things that I would like to share, like my trip to Italy for three weeks with my wonderful friend Moe, between April 13 and May 29. We flew to Rome to consequently travel to Florence in the worse airlines up to this date: Alitalia, which in turn of being late, lost our luggage for two days.

Florence was a dream and of course, the first thing we did was to visit Uffizi, then the Galleria dell' Accademia, where we stood in awe enjoying the beautiful statue of David. The days were just perfect and walking on the Ponte Vecchio was another of our pleasures. We also entered the great dome that stood formidably and very close to our hotel, given us to see it in all its beauty days and nights. After spending few days we took a train to Venice where we spent the time of our lives, visiting every corner and enjoying the great canal from the terrace of our hotel during breakfast and all the others by water taxis and water buses that invaded the waters. The visit to the Murano Island cost my friend 5 thousand euros but we acquired precious pieces. I am posting some pictures of these items as well as the cities we visited.

The trip continued on a ship named the Silver Whisper which took us along the Croatia coast, stopping in Split, Montenegro, Croatia before we disembarked in Rome, where as a miracle I went up the three hundred and thirty some steps to the top of the Vatican.

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