Newport Music Festival and more...

I had been at the Jazz Festival but never for the classical event, which was magnificent. Chamber music, soloists were presented in the various famous mansions of Newport, including the Breakers House, Ochre Court, Belle Mer Salon, the Elms, etc. Most of the musicians were absolutely wonderful but the most unforgettable were Michael Endress, Adam Golka, who impressed me the most, John Bayless a great pianist and entertainer, the amazing 11 year old, Alice Burla who played by memory Goldberg Variations and Shostakovish and the incredible Mephisto duo Jakov Jakoulov and Igor Tkachenko. The pleasure was enormous and speaking with the musician during the intermissions were actually a treat. In one week we heard (Moe and I) twenty concerts since they were scheduled at 11am 2pm 4pm and 9pm. Only one concert was presented at midnight. I had the opportunity to meet the founder of the festival, Dr. Alfredo F. Varone and Dr. Mark Malkovich III.

The fun continued visiting the Marble House owned by the Vanderbilts, eaten plenty of losbter and walking along the lovely streets of Newport. The heat was scorching but the ocean gorgeous. On the way home, my beloved companion, Moe, became very ill and desoriented. I had to call the ambulance and he was taken to the hospital where he was found very sick with 105 fever. He had developed an streptoccocal infection and had to stay in the hospital. His son, a doctor himself, travelled immediately from Boston where he lives and joined him while I waited. I returned home since I was a long time gone and Moe's condition became changeable. First, the hospital staff suggested hospitalization from two to six weeks, but suddenly changed. Now he is better and returning to New Jersey where he will continue his treatment with penicilin. We are all optimistic and waiting for him at home. Scott, his other son, is driving him back. Here are some pictures of Newport.

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