Today is Wednesday but I thought it was Tuesday!

Since I retired from my job life goes on, and the hours and minutes do not exist, unless I must go somewhere and I am reminded my appointment book. I am aging little by little, and every day I am closer to my eternal departure; and I must do so many things before I go! My deepest desire is to leave everything in order that my children are at ease because they will be in pain. The pain of losing me will subside if the have some peace; therefore, the legal tasks that they must face would be much easier if I make now the effort to leave everything basically clear. I do not wish them to face a mess like I did when my beloved ones were gone and left a disarray of problems. Being a widow twice thought me a lot, although at times, I am still the same woman of long years past, but at the same time, I am different today. I loved the younger me, because I was pure and naive, but I admire my new me, because I came along a long way due to the struggles and confusion that I faced. Along came the wisdom of age through the experience that forced me to learn, which I could not appreciate before due to my foolish dreams and hopes. Growing up, being young, is quite painful as one never learn through the experience of others by our own. Now, I have the experience and the pain is forgotten.

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