Memories of my wonderful man and Violonist...Nathan Goldstein

Nathan Goldstein
Nathan Goldstein, 78, a violinist and an 802 member since 1948, died on Feb. 27.
Mr. Goldstein began music lessons when he was nine. His musical talent was soon recognized and he won a scholarship to the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia. He also studied at Julliard’s Special Studies Division where he won the Brahms Violin Concerto competition and appeared with the Juilliard Orchestra under Frederic Waldman.
Nathan was offered a scholarship at Tanglewood, where he was invited to perform the Tchaikovsky Concerto with the Advanced Student Orchestra. He served as concertmaster and played in the chamber music series.
After graduation, Mr. Goldstein made his first major orchestral debut in 1947 with the Philadelphia Orchestra, performing the Sibelius Concerto under Dmitri Mitropoulos. In 1950 he performed his debut at Carnegie Hall playing the Bruch G minor Concerto under Leon Barzin, for which he won the Merit Award given by the National Orchestral Association for the most outstanding debut of the season.
Mr. Goldstein also played with the Voice of Firestone Orchestra, as a staff member of ABC, and with the American Symphony Orchestra. In addition he served as a concertmaster of the Radio City Music Hall Orchestra and the New Orleans Symphony.
As a guest soloist he performed with the Kansas City Philharmonic and the Denver and New Orleans Symphonies. He also appeared with many chamber music groups in the New York area and Bergen County.
Mr. Goldstein joined the New York Philharmonic in 1964, at that time under the baton of Leonard Bernstein. He performed there 38 years, only retiring last year.
He is survived by his wife Dunnia and her children John Sebastian and Maria del Pilar, his former wife Beatriz and their children, Sharon, Judith, Kenneth and Tamara, their family and grandchildren.

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