One often questions what the meaning of life is. I think that I found the answer long ago, whereas, finding it had allowed me to find my own happiness. Three ingredients must be mixed together to magically encounter the result of such potion. Laughter, Compassion and Love. Our bitter memories and painful experiences, may had resulted in allowing anger, pain, distress and negative feelings, that should be looked upon and understood like they are part of the Ying and Yang of a life time. How could we have joy if we dismiss pain? The result is that those events may make us grow; lift our feet from the fire. We tend to remember painful or negative events, just to indulge in the negative part of it, while forgetting the positive side before or after it. For example, death, abuse, verbal, physical or mental. Those who may have done it to us, simply were experiencing the human impulse that festers from selfishness, hatefulness or unhappiness; therefore, we must realize that we were the targets because we were the closest one to the punishers; otherwise, others besides us, would had suffered the same "fate". I have found myself laughing about past critical or painful moments that at one point seemed unfair or terrible (and it may have been then) because of my youth, but today, I find them laughable through the deep understanding of the source itself. Who had not been abused in one form or another? Like running away from a belt ready to hit us from a parent? From a verbal statement that hurt our naïveté and young ego? From a severe punishment imposed by a civil or religious teacher? From fear of death? A reality that is inevitable to us, our beloved ones, and the rest of living creatures? Death should be accepted without self pity and selfishness, crying or despairing, disguising our anguish with sadness no realizing that we are just angry because we are left alone due to their departure. Laugher and Joy are the greatest gifts. We, humans, are the only living creatures able to laugh (although, I believe, animals can do so) and we have forgotten to laugh about ourselves, when we are the most outstanding or sitting comedians among all. I laugh, laugh and laugh, and I hope that when I die, before the last breath I can startle mourners saying: "BOO!" (To be continued in the next note)

Compassion: We become cynical and detached through our own fears and anger, thus, the compassion goes out of the window. Compassion is not a natural virtue but derives from love itself. If we don't have compassion, we are unable to love, thus, becoming possible narcissists, searching for the love, respect, and the acceptance from others, (just for our benefit and self indulgent). Love from us to others is what is important. This doesn't mean that we must love "others" because we must, since we know that among the human race exist maligned people. We should understand, the younger the better, that those who are negative in our lives, should be dismissed or forgotten, since they are able to build the path of no return, interring us in obliviousness. Contrary to this, love liberates us. No the love for a girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, friend, or a pet, but the love for life and its ramifications as well. Mother Nature is the mother of all, including us. She offers every day, as soon as we open our eyes, the beauty of it all: the sun, the night, the rain, the storm, the incredibly and terrific cataclysmic events that destroy and rebuilt again; the catharsis or purgation of life itself. The gifts of life are immeasurable; from flora and fauna, the depth of oceans, the unreachable sky, the word itself and silence, the classical or mundane music, sound and noise, art, from mediocre, better to greatest painters or artists of graffiti. If we look beyond from the tasks of our daily routine, burdens, responsibilities and personal creativity, that are judged by us, we must decide then, how to measure them; whether normal consequences of living which sprout by our own choices and/or similar patterns in everybody else part of living. It all depends in how we use the greatest gift of all: Our marvelous five senses. We are part of all, Cosmos and Chaos. Getting up in the mornings on our feet is not the right thing to do since it should be on our knees, thanking the divine or cosmic energy that flows within us. At the end, we must accept with an open mind the meaning or reality of life and death, the universe and us, or if your prefer God and us, I do not mind.

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