En una frontera sin límites e incomprensible, Héctor Charles no puede concebir la idea de dónde está, quién es ni quién fue, pero sospecha que será juzgado por una fuerza superior divina y hasta por él mismo. Héctor desciende a regiones infernales al ser obligado a revivir sistemáticamente cada uno de sus actos y los que a toda costa intenta ocultar y olvidar. Por no poder discernir en su posición inanimada su real identidad, el hombre sufre las consecuencias derivadas de la intrínseca pasión que lo llevó a un final insospechado, no solamente para él, sino para todos aquellos que en vida lo rodearon.
In a limitless and incomprehensible frontier, Héctor Charles cannot conceive the idea of where is he, who is he or who he was, but suspects that he will be judged by a superior divine force and even by himself. Héctor descends to infernal regions when he is forced to relive systematically every one of his acts, that at all cost he attempts to conceal and forget. Unable to discern from his inanimate position his real identity, the man suffers the consequences derived by the intrinsic passion that drove him to an unexpected end, not only for himself but for all those who surrounded him in life.

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Abracadabra! Stop the Curse!

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The life of a unique and incredible woman whose fate was to be followed by drama, comedy and tragedy. She wandered under a lucky star, which protected her at all times, thus, overcoming the odds that forced her to swim against the high tides; but surprisingly, arriving onto safer and better shores by miracle or by her own strength. Character: Gentle as and orchid but solid as an oak tree. Distracted, but attentive to the best and worth things of life. Indifferent to the time that passes by, but always aware of the beauty around her. Understands and accepts pain, physical or mental, which she believes is absolutely needed in order to grow wiser and happier. She thinks that Happiness is within our reach and unhappiness is not letting go of things or people that don't belong to us any longer.

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I wrote two books that are being translated from Spanish into English but ready to be published in Spanish: "Abracadabra, Stop the Curse! (1999) and "Beyond the Eclipse" (2208) (Abracadabra! Que Pare la Maldicion! y "Mas Alla del Eclipse")

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