Xlibris will release soon ¡Abracadabra, Que Pare La Maldición!
New Spanish Novel Tells the Story of a Middle Class Family that Strives to Control Other People’s Lives only to Satisfy Their Harmful Intentions

Tenafly, NJ – (Release Date TBD) – Xlibris, the leading print-on-demand self-publishing services provider, announced today the release of ¡Abracadabra, Que Pare La Maldición!, a Spanish novel about a family’s saga authored by Dunnia Balcázar-Goldstein

¡Abracadabra, Que Pare La Maldición! tells the enduring story of a great lie between members of a middle class family – the Daniels. The direction of their lives changes dramatically as a result of a marriage and the birth of a child. The Daniels’ alcohol dependency, the Powell’s unhealthy influence, and a priest’s spiritual failure all erode the weak structure which apparently sustains the moral principles of the main characters, when they fall into a vast web woven into disloyalty, revenge and lust. Overwhelmed by the devastating result of their acts, they realize that they had been their only victims for wanting to control the lives of others with the sole purpose of satisfying their harmful intentions. Reduced to living in constant turbidity they did not suspect that inner reconciliation and redemption were hidden since the beginning behind love.

Laced with drama, intrigue and twists, ¡Abracadabra, Que Pare La Maldición! will engage any reader from the first page until the end. Readers who wish to order a copy of this book are encouraged to visit, call (888) 795-4274 or send an email to today.

About the Author
Dunnia Balcázar was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, daughter of Dr. Augusto Balcázar and wife Yolanda Brandé. Acclaimed soloist in the Colombian Folkloric Ballet of Sonia Osorio, and as actress for the stage and Television under the direction of Colombian playwright Enrique Osorio, she abandoned her artistic career to marry David Cumpston, an International banker in New York, where she worked as an interpreter for the Civil and Landlord and Tenant Courts and a certified translator for the Mayor’s Office and the Housing Authority. She cooperated in founding a language bank for free services to the immigrants of New York City.

For many years the author was a volunteer at renowned classical music organizations. After becoming a widow, she married Nathan Goldstein, a violinist with the New York Philharmonic. She now resides in New Jersey and has two children: John Sebastian and Maria del Pilar. ¡Abracadabra, Que Pare La Maldición! is Balcázar-Goldstein’s first novel.

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